Writer’s Block?

If your pen is stuck and won’t write a word, simply follow these tips to get your creative juices flowing again.

1. Read. But not mindlessly. Pick a good book from an established author. Write down the first two words and/or the last two words in every sentence of two random pages. Does any inspiration strike now?

2. Draw. Go to a random website and pick the first two or three syllable word you see that starts with one of your initials. Draw the word in such a way that every letter represents an object associated with that word. For example: “violet”– every letter could look like a flower or a petal or a bumblebee or a garden. Release your creative juices by thinking outside the box and being creative in a different way.

3. Vent. Sometimes Writer’s Block comes our way because something outside of our writing world is bugging us. Maybe your kid refuses to eat anything but crackers. Maybe your day job is stressing you out big time. Maybe a relationship is strained or a loved one is sick. If your mind is preoccupied, your writing and creativity will suffer. So, do something to relieve the pressure. Pray, call a friend, journal your feelings, cry, scream– whatever it takes to get your mind in a better spot to channel creative thinking.

4. Work on a different part of your book that requires no writing. Like cover design, font selection, formatting, marketing, etc. There are many things that need to be done to make a book successful, and maybe once your cover is complete, it will give you the inspiration you need to keep on writing.

5. Write something outrageous. Use your imagination and write the most outlandish, crazy thing you can, just to open up your mind to other possibilities and get out of the rut you’re in. Who knows, maybe you won’t be too far off and you can rework it to fit in your work in progress after all.

6. Research about writing. Sounds a little strange, but reading books and blogs about how to improve, structure, and spice up your writing can give you tons of great ideas and inspiration to keep going! Check out K. M. Weiland’s blog here to start learning how to sharpen your natural abilities!

7. Smell. Start with a sense. Pick something in your imagination to smell, hear, taste, touch, or see and write down as many details about that imaginary experience as possible.

8. Remember. Start with something that happened to you recently.  Then twist it with “what if” questions.  “What if this happened 100 years ago?”  “What if that happened on stage in front of an angry crowd?”  “What if that had gone completely wrong in every possible way?”

9. Learn. Start with a new word.  Grab a thesaurus or a dictionary and find a word you’ve never heard of before. Write a sentence around that word. Or you can go to thesaurus.com and just use the “Word of the Day.” For example, today’s word was VASTITUDE: “The vastitude of the expanse was staggering, and he knew it would take at least two days’ journey to get to the other side.”

10. Rest. Sometimes you just get burnt out, and trying harder won’t help a frazzled mind. Your brain needs rest in order to be healthy, imaginative, and productive. Take a break. Take a nap! Get some sleep and try again when you’re feeling rested, relaxed, and not ready to snore.